Take Recorder Freezes UE5 with iClone Live Link every time

I’m learning connecting iClone8 to UE5 and doing a lot of tutorials. I have everything working but as soon as I try to use ‘Take Recorder’ I’m stopped in my tracks because it freezes UE5 as soon as it hit ‘Record.’ I never get the 1,2,3 countdown, but I do see that it does start writing frames to the Level Sequence. It just freezes and I have to ‘End Task’ to get out.

I’ve tried 3 brand new scenes, all Blank and simply added the Meta Human via Bridge. I’ve tried 3 different MetaHumans.

I’ve attached a bunch of screen shots and a log. I’m hoping a UE monitor can look at this and see what might be causing this anomaly.

Log.zip (10.9 MB)

I am on the fence with this, because I say it is a glitch.
BUT - if you do in fact wait long enough, it does pass through the glitch and create the Cinematic in the Cinematic folder. I don’t know why it freezes, and it shouldn’t, but it does. So you can exit through Task Manager, but try waiting several minutes. I’d say like 10, and see if it computes and resolves.
This is not me defending the freeze, because it needs to be fixed, not left alone.

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