Take Recorder For Car Chase?

Hello all

Looking for advice on how best to approach doing a cinematic pre viz car chase sequence. The scene is about a minute long and needs to accurately depict an edited version of what this action car chase would look like when shot in the real world.

My initial thought was to use the take recorder, drive a couple cars around the virtual world, then setup my cameras and badda boom badda bing.

However, there are numerous sections that require detailed interactions. Characters hands need to be on the steering wheel. A person needs to open the side door of a van and fire a turret at the car they’re chasing. There’s dialogue, etc.

Basically, I feel like I’m presented with two options: rig the cars and do traditional animation in 3DS Max for the whole thing and then use Unreal to render it. OR, like I said previously, use the take recorder, or a combination of the two.

Anyone here have any thoughts on the best way to approach this? Can I edit the animations the take recorder makes? IE opening the door of the van while letting the rest of the take play out? Just looking for some tips and tricks on the best way forward for this.

Hey there, so sorry I’m unable to answer this but I have a question for you.

Are you having any issues/is there a tutorial you used to get take recorder working?

Ive been playing with both take recorder and sequence recorder but at best I can have the animation play in game but my camera is locked to the vehicle animated and I can’t play/drive another car until the animation stops.

Been bashing my head against this problem for a while.