Take High Res Screenshot through camera

Hi everyone,

I have a scenario where I need the player to be able to click a button and a high res screenshot is take of a particular view that is not the players viewport.

Below is an image of the blueprint for the widget which allows the player to click a button in play and it takes a high res screenshot. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to attach this function to an alternative camera rather than the first person player - does anyone know how I can do this?


Hey !

I’m trying to learn this as well. What I did was drag a camera from the level into the BP and attach it to the node, but I’m finding some speed bumps when I think I’m executing this to the file path specified, but I’m not having any luck, have you gotten this node to function as expected?


I did in a workaround way where when the ‘Next’ button was clicked it went to the screenshot camera view then took a screenshot. I didn’t figure out how to make it work without changing the players view, but luckily for me this way was acceptable.

The key node to make this happen was Set View Target with Blend. Perhaps you could use this to take the screenshot then another to take the player back to the initial view?

This may not be relevant to you, but I was also having problems setting a location for the screenshot to go that would work on any computer and be easily accessed by the player. For this I set the save location in Project Settings to the C Drive and had it create a ‘MyScreenshot’ folder in which the screenshot was saved on the players PC.

Best of luck!

Hi, I am also stuck at same topic. In editor, all the commands work fine. But when I cook the project for windows and run it as a standalone, I get the fatal error crash. I tried changing directories and everything. No luck so far. Anyone any idea?