Take high-res screenshot of BP itself?

Hello everyone, is there a way to take a high screen screenshot of a BP? I want to screenshot my whole BP, but it is too small when I zoom out, it is also inconvenient to combine a bunch of smaller screenshots, I also cannot send the person the BP itself, how can I do this?

weel as far i know theres no way to do an screen of an too big bp but you can paste it in the bp pastebin to send it to someone en he caan eeven copy it back in to the engine

Also for smaaller ones you could use some simple snippet tool (im using “capture screenshot lite”) to make screens easy and fat then just put them together in a second.
the good thin is you only make sceeen only of exactly the parto of you screen you want

Well, to be honest, I just want to save a copy of a picture of a BP for fast refrence, I don’t want to have to load up some text file and copy & paste, nor do I want to copy-paste the BP itself.