Take fall damage from different height

I’m making a FPS game, and there are different platforms at different heights, I want to beable to have the actor take fall damage, depending on the height it is at. I’ve tried different approaches using different threads, but none of them work, or do not do what I would like. I have a HUD displaying the health and I would like to have the health have a limit, after the health is out, the actor is destroyed and then respawns. When it is destroyed, I am trying to make a HUD that says GAME OVER, press f to respawn. Does anyone have a blueprint for this? Or can help me out, thank you in advanced.

First up, check if character if falling?

If so, you could start timeline.

When not falling convert to damage

Each tick save your current velocity (part of the character movement component).

On “Event Movement Mode Changed” you check if the previous mode was “Falling” and if that’s true you deal damage depending on the z velocity (up or down) from your previous tick. The longer you fall the faster you’ll fall and therefore the velocity will go up. This will give you a appropriate amount.

Also you might wanna ignore velocity to a certain point so jumping doesn’t deal damage :wink:

I did this with Delta from Tick but for some reason When I jump I have a print string to give me the delta to calculate the in air / is falling? then Set Delta to 0.0 after completion I can get fall damage if I set it to Greater than 1.6 but I would like to make it more advanced and to do so I need a solid value and at the moment Delta always