Take damage multiplayer


I 've done something quite simple, using blueprint. A bullet actor, which explode on collision, and send damage event on actor collided.
On actor collided, I just print string Hello if it is authority, or Hello client on remote.
When I launch PIE with 1 player (without server), it prints Hello when I hit my target.
On 1 player + 1 dedicated server, I have no more message (neither hello, or hello client), and with 2 players + dedicated server neither.

What I am doing wrong?

I fixed like that (I don’t use anymore eventhit for many purpose), but the way is the same. I check if the overlap come from a bullet class (substring, and so on…).

It is on client, and at end, I ask to execute on server, the management of damage

Hi thyshimrod, Any Damage Event is executed only on the server (you can see the tiny server icon on the right-top corner) also you can check the documentation. https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Blueprints/UserGuide/Events/index.html#eventanydamage.

On Standalone mode, the local client is considered the server because of this, your first test work fine. In your case maybe you can mark your health var as OnRep_ . . . then use the Any Damage node to decrease the health value and then on all remote clients the OnRep_Health method will be fired and there you can print you message on remote clients.

Best regards.

Hi, did you use this on the character blueprint or the projectile blueprint and how do you make this? can you do a more in depth explanation please?