Take captures of blueprints

Can we get a screenshot button for blueprints something that takes an entire capture of the current blueprints that your viewing because taking multiplier screenshots of a single blueprint and then having to connect them up in Photoshop is annoying.

Yes please. uScript for Unity already has this and it’s awesome.

Well, just get in line then…

This has been requested soo many tines already…
I wonder what has happened to Feature Request UE-9309:confused:

It should be on the trello if they remembered.

Hi everyone,

UE-9309 is still under assessment. I have updated the report to reflect additional interest in the feature.

Hey guys :slight_smile:

Just letting you all know that we’ve heard your requests for such a feature and which is why we decided to include it in our ODIN Tracker UE4 Plugin under ODIN-47 aka “Capture of UE4 Blueprint Nodes” that will be included in our 0.2 release in the coming weeks.

We are also looking at including ODIN-58 aka “Capture of UE4 Material Nodes” for a 0.3 release.

More info can be found here: