Take Automation Screenshot at Camera not producing files

I’m using Take Automation Screenshot at Camera to produce a screenshot through blueprint. I’ve noticed that, unlike HiRes screenshot mode, there’s no files being saved to [project]\Saved\Screenshots\Windows.

Are there any other requirements to using this node properly?

Did you ever get the screenshot files to write out? I would also like to know.

They are supposed to be saved to [project name]\Saved\Automation. Mine are not working, as I put a breakpoint on the take automated screenshot node, and it never completes.

I had a similar issue and got it somehow working. I created a function that can be called in the editor but it only works if you are playing the game. Otherwise you will see this error message:

Error: no owner was found that is a APawn, which is controlled by a player to register the input component to receive keystrokes from the player

But sadly it seems to be that the camera location is not really considered.