Take a sword and put the other to the back?

I think you’d have just one animation for sheathing a sword (on the back) and one for unsheathing it. Then you just attach whatever sword the player is currently drawing or putting away to the correct socket (hand or back). Use AnimNotifies to define the exact time during the animation when the socket needs to change (hand to back or back to hand).

Hi guys, i’ve been following the tutorials of Moize Opel (who has very good vids) and I came at tge point where he says that the player takes a sword and puts the other into his back. Everythings ok BUT I will have more than two swords in my game (obviously) and he just puts the animNotifiers for the two swords (to take one and to put one in) in a blueprint.

But i will have more variations of swords (like the player wants to have his own variation) and it would be to much time waste to make hundrets of variations.

Or short: how to make more variations of swords which the player will take out of his sheath and but one other to his back.

I really dont know how to describe my problem better so sorry :smiley:

Have a good day :smiley:

Thanks for the reply but i want that when i press a button that the character puts the back sword on the back and take then the other sword from the waist. And reversed when the char holds the waist weapon in the hand. Please help me out of this situation. Thanks

I think already give you the right answer.

You hit the Sword/on-off , and start the animation .
at the end of the animation you use attach to socket, to attach the swords, to the belt, ot the hand.

manage more sword can be Tricky ,
you should create some variables to know wich weapon is the last used, and how many swords you have.
wich one is selected… Probably an array

then go to :
Start animation extract sword, the last sword get selected, and attached to the hand socket , the right time.

animation Off-sword , just start the animation and nothing change.

if you have already a sword,
and you press ChangeWeaponButton, you have to find the next weapon in your Array , spawn it on the belt.
and attached to the hand socket , the right time , set this as the last weapon , and so on.