Take 3 Get Actor Vectors for 1 node

I am trying to create one universal node that takes all 3 inputs of vector X,Y, and Z to let the character move in any direction while airborne. See my screenshot. Please let me know how I can achieve this. I need to input 1 vector inside World Direction input on Add Movement Input node.


Are you moving where the camera is looking? Then just take the camera’s fwd vector.

Other than that how do you know which direction you want to go? How do you choose direction in your game?

Thank you for Everynone for responding. This is a jetpack functionality. I have it setup where I hold X on my keyboard it propels me into air, which I usually use Vector Up but that only allows me to go up vertically and not control my movement in air. Any ideas? Camera fwd vector isnt working while Im in air, it only pushes me around the ground now since I am not using vector up.

I still do not understand how you want to control it. You’re in the air, jetpack is running, you press W to go forward (?), what is supposed so happen now? Do you want to maintain altitude and go where the character is looking or where the camera is looking. Not sure how you envisioned this.

My apologies.

When the player jumps then presses X, it activates jetpack mode which currently ONLY goes up with no air control. I want to be able to maintain altitude and go where player is moving with a WASD layout. Does this help? Many thanks for being proactive. Where camera is looking/moving is the direction.

Makes perfect sense so far. Are we using *Character Movement Component *here? Or maybe Floating Pawn Movement? These 2 work quite differently. I was initially thinking you’re using physics based movement but you’re not it seems. It this correct?

Let’s say you’re using *Character Movement Component *and ask it to Add Movement Input Z, nothing will happen here. How does the jetpack work then? Do you switch to flying mode? Because that should work OK out of the box.

Nice to hear. Correct, Character Movement component. See my latest screenshot. I removed the other nodes and added to Z in World Direction parameter, but it is still not working and goes up in a vertical direction with no room for WASD movement while in air.
Edit - I realized your question in a different manner.

The script is quite lengthy with nodes/connections, I think if I could feed those 3 seperate nodes into 1 on my first screenshot, we could really get this to work. Is that possible?


I’ve quickly modified the 3rd person template to work like a jetpack:

X toggles the jetpack a.k.a. flying; once in flight mode camera works as direction you want to go to, works for any direction. Does it help?


Alternatively, have a look at this one:…destiny-2.html

Thanks! I’ll try this in the morning. It’s very late here. :slight_smile: Have a great day!

I just wanted to let you know, Everynone that it was very useful and I want to say thanks!!