Taiwan Appartment

Hi all,

After long studies for my Blender-UE4 workflow, i decided to start my first Archviz.
Nothing special for the moment, just sharing and opening my thread for my future questions and updates.

Update, added zoom, crouch, autofocus, and a simple temporary light switch:

looks Good !
keep improving… i wanna see more detail & Interactive Demo :slight_smile:

Thank you Rahul!

Update with a real stereo from speakers setup, so put your headphones!

x32.exe in the video description, please give me feedbacks about FPS, and your specs. As you know, i need a few beta testers ^^

where do the stairs lead to?

i think some kind of Open Room :stuck_out_tongue: Bed Room :slight_smile: just kidding :smiley:

62Fps on AMD Phenom II X4 945 quad core 3Ghz & 16Gb Ram & Gpu Nvidia 750Ti…

fps are locked to max 62Fps ?
control seems Different :stuck_out_tongue:
Check some block area !! they seems awkward ?
& when u zoom; some texture not looks Good !
Fix it… & keep Going (Y)

Stairs lead to the future bedroom, just that i didn’t have the height drawing so in this first basic modelling, the ceiling is too much low.
I don’t know about the blocked? FPS, but since i activated autofocus for sure they dropped!
Sometimes a big camera blur occurs, that’s when you cross some geometry, i need to correct the player collision radius.
I’ve changed the camera speed/rotation to adapt to the room size, rotation is a little bit slow though.
The appartment entrance is opened for a beta tester friend, that seemed claustrophobic with the first closed version.

Now i established the “template” scene with the interactive things, i can go back to Blender and work the scene itself seriously :wink:

Thanks for your feedbacks!

I am french sorry, what is software (blender ect ) for make this scene ?

Tu es Français-désolé?

For modelise whi software use, i use sketchup and you ?

No need to PM in leech mode, especially when you don’t even comment about my work. Did you even try it?


I am sorry, i think i have already comment you work, i have love and i try to make this scene :smiley: