Tagging another player when you bump into them.

I’m new to UE4 and I’m trying to make a tag game.

When the game starts a player will spawn with an arrow above their head and they are “it” or the “tagger”. When the tagger overlaps another player’s (Character) mesh, they tag the player and that player receives the arrow above their head and the previous tagger loses the arrow above their head.

As I’m new to UE4 I have no idea what nodes to use or how to set this up. If anyone could help me I would be extremely grateful!

Trigger: A step in the right direction would be a sphere on the player character and an event overlap on that sphere.

Arrow Object: Just add a mesh to the player character, place it above the head and make it hidden by default.

All of this will be in the character blueprint … I am not in front of my dev machine now … so I can’t give you more accurate information than that.