Tagging Actors for Blueprints

Hi everyone,

Recently I have ran into a few situations where it would be extremely useful for me to add a simple tag to some actors in my levels, but I haven’t found a way to do it so far so I thought I’d post here.

For example, I was thinking about creating 3 setups in my player blueprint, only one is active at a time. The 3 setups would correspond to 3 types of levels. So I was wanting to surround my levels with trigger volumes that are tagged with information which the player blueprint can read and then activate the setup that corresponds to the level type. Sounds simple, right?

So if anyone has any idea on how I can tag trigger volumes and other actors like this I’d love to hear about it!

Or does anyone have any other suggestions on how I could achieve the same functionality without some sort of tagging in blueprints.



In the class defaults of the BP there is an option to create tags.

Sweet, thanks!