Tagging Actors between many Pawns ?

Hi i am kinda new to the Unreal Engine.

I am trying to make a simple fighting game engine so i decided to attach boxes to 2 pawns and set them as actors then set collisions and overlapping events.
so i am trying to differentiate between actors using tags (P1,P2,HitBox, HurtBox,GuardBox,etc…)
the problem is that it seems that the player1’s Actor can’t read the Tags on the Player2’s Actor and so on.

What should i do to make them read each others tags or is there a better way to achieve what i want ?

Thank you.

still confuse about what you mean by this, it’s true that unreal had a tagging actor mechanism (although i am not using it). but i still don’t get what you wanted to achieve using boxComponent and etc… jejje

For example i want the P1 HitBox to trigger an event only when overlapping the P2 HurtBox and ignore the P1 HurtBox or the P2 HitBox.

Hi i managed to fix it.

I should have connected the “Actor has tag” node to the “Other Comp” socket not the “Other Actor”

thank you