Tag Dropdown Menu


while working with tags I noticed that it’s uncomfortable to assign and manage tags and especially keep track of already assigned tags.

So my idea is to establish a simple dropdown menu for tagging actors and components like you can see in the attached image.

The dropdown menu should contain all the tags that have been assigned in the project to actors/components so that you can simply choose from one of them via simple click instead of having to type the tag every time you want to assign it.
Currently my workflow is based on pen and paper where I wrote down the different tags that are in my game and a dropdown with a selection of previously created tags would prevent from this prehistoric workflow and also help to keep things organzied as you don’t run the risk of assigning a wrong tag, spell it wrong “Inteactable” instead of “Interactable” or just forgetting about a specific tag that you established already.

I hope this makes sense to you and I hope to see this feature in one of the upcoming releases :slight_smile:

Best regards,