TADP 3.0 support for Android deployment


I have been wanting to deploy some Unreal projects of mine onto my SHIELD Tablet. I already had TADP 3.0 installed on my PC and It has already setup the appropriate system variables that are expected (ANDROID_HOME, NDKROOT, ANT_HOME and JAVA_HOME). My device is detected in ADB and I have been successfully deploying non-Unreal apps and games to my tablet successfully.

Does Unreal Engine not support TADP 3.0 currently and will I have to replace it with TADP 2.0 which is included with the Engine?

In the Editor, my device is displayed in the “Device Manager” view but I cannot see in in the “Launch” menu. Also, trying to package an Android application brings up a generic dialog box pointing to the Android Quick start webpage without giving further info about what specifically is missing from my system. Any help on this will be much appreciated.

Thank you.