Tadeusz Hyzy - Salesforce Developer


my name is Tadeusz Hyzy. I’m Salesforce developer (language similar to Java) with 6 years of experience and trying to learn UE4. I know basics of Materials, Animations and some other creative aspects but I always wanted to learn more Scripting / C++ side of UE4. I know it’s hard to learn when you don’t have good examples and project that you can based on so if someone want some help with UE4 programming I would help with no payments (maybe some mention about my little contribution :)). Especially it’s hard to work without good assets.

I’m from Poznan in Poland so only we could meet up at Skype.

I know Scram / Agile and Git / SVN so I won’t be a problem as a team member.

My email address : [EMAIL=“”]
LinkedIn : tadeuszhyzy