Tactical Grenade Variants

High as a simple starting mod to learn how to make a mod using the dev kit I want to make some grenade variants but I have almost no experience with the devkit so far so I need some pointers on how to get the mod started. My objectives are:
*Make a fabricator for the new grenades to be crafted in
*Make engrams for the grenades
*Make the grenades themselves
I’ve been learning modeling using blender and have been spending time learning how to use it but I really need help with the dev kit so any help on how to start doing this would be greatly appreciated! I have several other mod projects planned but I wanted to start with this to help me learn and than dive into the more complicated ones!:slight_smile:

  • I have signed up for epic games and github the acounts are linked. I have downloaded the devkit through the epic games launcher. I have all of that taken care of I just need some pointer on how to start this mod as I am not trying to make any maps just yet.

Even a pointer to a tutorial that would help me do this would be greatly appreciated. I have the devkit installed and can run it fine my computer has plenty of resources for modding projects. I am going to spend some time messing around with the dev kit but could really use a pointer to a tutorial on making new items, engrams, and crafting tables as well as importing models instead of making maps. I have spent about 2 to 4 hours a day learning blender and now im going to try and do the same with the dev kit so I can begin modding as a hobby in my free time outside of work and schooling.

Hi ShrykullOddGod,

All of the current tutorials and guides specific to Ark are located here: ARK Dev Kit : F.A.Q, Documentation & Tutorials - ARK: Survival Evolved - Unreal Engine Forums

There are guides for non-map mods (called data or sometimes core data mods) as well as importing models from blender so hopefully this will get you started off right.
Feel free to come by IRC as well if you’re having trouble:

If you have an IRC client connect to: Server: irc.quakenet.org Channel: #arkmodding
Or connect using your browser: QuakeNet Web IRC (qwebirc)

Great thank you very much! Okay so far I have copied the generic mod folders contents over to a new folder named “TestMod”. I than followed the tutorial to create a new item class buy copying over the blueprints and icons and changing the crafting requirements and engram requirements. What I cant figure out is how to change the damage of the grenade?

I have succefully gotten the mod to upload to the workshop (friends only for now since it doesnt do anything yet). Been a little busier than I thought I would be so I havnt gotten very far. Still trying to get the engrams to show up in game last time i was working on it. I will keep visiting the IRC and asking for help/tips!