Tabletop Game Stats comparing

Hi guys,
was hoping someone might help me figure out something in regards to comparing integers to eachother to workout an outcome and the best way to work it in my game. At the moment I am using the top down template and have build code around the character. What I want to do is have many different character with different stats that once selected the get possesed. I did this simply with a boolean on the character then posses. However after trying to figure out how i can do multiple versions of the character if i duplicate the character (using the same blueprint) the value are the same for each unit. would my best way of doing this is complete the functionally of the character then duplicate the blueprint change the value names etc so i can call upon them to compare stats against each other? Apoligies if these isn’t super informative on what I want to do but its similair to that of how Warhammer tabletop plays.

An efficient way is to create an character class as an starting point with the intended functionality if you want to create several other units who are playing by the same set of rules, but with stats that can be individually adjusted.

Might have to create an second one of them and tweak the code an little bit for the AI.