Tablet for UE4

Hi, I’m planning to buy a tablet to Test Unreal Engine 4 (and develop too) but i don’t know which tablet is better to start.

According to this article, a Nexus 5 is fully supported. But for now, the only tablet i can buy now is this (the store is from Chile). My question is if the Nexus 7 is also fully compatible or i need to search for another compatible tablets.

thanks in advance

PD: I don’t know if this was asked before, i searched and i didn’t found anything related. Also, if this topic doesn’t belong here please move to the correct forum.

What you need is to check the GPU core. Nexus 7 2013 uses Adreno 320 according to Wikipedia and it is present on the table:

LDR: Supported
Basic Lighting: Supported
Full HDR: Expected
Full HDR w/ Sun: Unsupported

MiPad would probably perform the best as it’s based on Nvidia Tegra K1 chipset…though tablet’s availability around the World is unknown to me:

Actually i only read the data sheet from the store and it didn’t mention anything about the Adreno and that’s why i was with doubt.

I will buy that tablet and try if UE4 works without problem. Thanks for the clarification…

I got myself Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 specifically for Android game testing because it has Adreno 330. Will post some demo videos done with it soon. Its price is reasonable, so I think since we still have a long way to wait for Tegra K1 to become popular, this one is worth trying.