Tablet for painting

Thinking about getting a tablet for digital painting with Substance and UE4, so I was curious about what you guys would suggest.

I’m looking at getting a Huion 1060 Pro very soon, watched a bunch of reviews on youtube (and elsewhere) and everyone had good things to say about it (and their other products).

You can get their version of a Wacom Cintq for ~$500 (USD) depending on size as well.

The prices for Wacom brand tablets are just too **** high.

+1 For Huion

Took a look at them, ty!

Can anyone comment on the GT-190?

Do you want an art tablet with or without a touch screen?

I would like a tablet with the LCD screen like the GT-190 has… basically it’s a touchscreen monitor but with higher accuracy than the traditional touchscreen.

I don’t really recommend the Chinese screen tablets, the monitor quality is usually very poor. If you really want to be able to draw on a screen and don’t have the money to afford a Cintiq then that’s your only choice, but it might be better to go with an Intuos or something like that instead.

I have now a Wacom Intuos 3 for over a decade. Im quite happy with it. I dont even have a normal mouse connected anymore.
This solution is much better. Wireless mouse, but no batteries… :slight_smile: