Table Top Games

Table Top Games: 5e

Description: isometric turn-based combat and free movement third-person exploration. Designed around tabletop gaming and 5e Mechanics.
Features include:
*Custom created maps by players
*Player placed NPC encounters
*1 player Versus 1-5 player combat

Team name: SSLKGames

Previous work: N/A New company

Positions we are currently looking for:
*C++ and blueprint experts.
*Multiplayer specialists
*Network code specialists

Our roadmap for reimbursement and profit-sharing is as follows:

For the initial development, all necessary licenses will be paid by our company; e.g. Maya LT, Zbrush, etc… we will not prevent you from working on other projects until we’ve begun our third phase of development. You will need to communicate any side projects to us and ensure that a conflict of interests does not occur;

The second phase of development is focusing our efforts on securing licenses and investors to see the project through to completion. We will continue development on the project while this is happening;

Phase three will be the formal salaried positions in the company, and full development of the game.

Post-launch we will be instituting profit-sharing within the company, this will be a credit-based system which will be detailed once we have the ability to touch bases in person.

*Additionally: anyone who has joined the project before the third phase of development will be given a separate and additional bonus once the game has become profitable.

please contact us via Email [EMAIL=“”]

Hello @SSLKGames,

Great minds think alike! I love DnD. It has been a subconscious motivator in many of my game designs. I have a dream to develop a 3D World in which GMs an Roleplayers could create adventures in with the full imagination you experience in a TableRPG.

Rev-share Game Dev requires a lot of dedication, persistence, and creativity to keep your project alive. Would like to see a project like yours come to life. I’m curious as to what monetization strategies you’ll implement to generate revenue/profits. Do you mind sharing those details?


As I stated above, I’m subconsciously developing PBR 3D Table RPG Simulator: God of Dreams. G.o.D is inspired by classics TableRPGs I played many years ago: RIFTs, Generic Universal RolePlaying System, and Adventure Construction Set. I’m electing to use True First Person / Third Person perspective combo for deep immersion. ‘VR-Support’ is planned to take it immersion further.

I’ve focused specifically in learning blueprints replication to initiate my development of Morpheus, an in-game Multi user 3D Construction System to ensure collaborative construction at every layer of design. I desire all of the content to be player created, from the creation of creatures that fill the Compendium, to the Special FX/Damage of Spells in the Grimore. Players create their own stats and skills trees. Upto 4 Game Masters can participate in the construction of the Campaign in real-time with upto 32 Role Players.

Supporting rapid creation is the key. Modular Parts for everything are the building blocks. In-Game assembler is the tools. I’m also leveraging procedural generation. A simple procedural generator will randomly pick parts and attach them. Add some Logic in the selection of picking and you can do something interesting.

I absolutely would love to share with you our monetization strategies via Email. I’m reluctant to do so on a public forum, but I would like to state that our monetization will be ethical and pro-consumer.

Updated our recruitment to include new information.

Perhaps we can continue the discussion on Discord?