Tab switching shortcut

It would be very useful if one could navigate between editor tabs using ctrl+tab or ctrl+number, like in a browser.

Yes that would be really handy!

I would love Ctrl+Tab support too; I’ve been missing it ever since we removed WxWidgets from the engine :smiley:

[filed a TTP request]

Michael Noland

would be very interesting, I’ll be waiting for an update with this functionality.

Please make it editable, on the Mac it would be cmd+`

Any progress? An option to always open as tab would also be very welcome.

I also find an option to “Always open tab” equal browsers would be great.

Bump! How can they miss this? I wonder how the epic programmers surf the web…


No updates yet unfortunately. The request is still backlogged but it’s certainly something we want to do.

Michael Noland


I added this for Epic Friday and it will be in 4.8:

Editor: Add a Control+Tab menu to quickly switch between different open assets or activate their associated tool tabs

Plus a bunch of ancillary commits to make it possible:


Michael Noland

Love it!

Can’t wait to see be able to use this! Thanks for working on it.

That’s fantastic, thanks Michael.