Tab spawner twice in menu (status of UE-9478?)

I have the same problem as described here:

However, I can’t find the issue UE-9478 in your database (not public?), so I just wanted to ask here if there’s any progress on it (or possibly a workaround?).

Hey elmotron-

I have updated the issue so it should be searchable now. It was originally reported in 4.7 but could not be reproduced since 4.14. If you are running into the behavior of menu options being created twice, please provide as much detail about your setup to help reproduce the behavior locally or provide a sample project that reproduces the behavior

Hi , repro is really quite easy. I have a simple plugin (almost empty), I’ll post the relevant parts here (using unreal 4.17 source distro).

static const FName PluginTabName( "MyPlugin" );

void MyPlugin::StartupModule()
	if( !GIsEditor )

	// Init GUI.
	TSharedRef<class FGlobalTabmanager> tm = FGlobalTabmanager::Get();
	tm->RegisterNomadTabSpawner( PluginTabName, FOnSpawnTab::CreateRaw( this, &MyPlugin::SpawnTab ) );

TSharedRef<SDockTab> MyPlugin::SpawnTab( const FSpawnTabArgs& TabSpawnArgs )
	TSharedRef<SDockTab> SpawnedTab = SNew( SDockTab )
		.TabRole( ETabRole::NomadTab )
			SNew( SMyGUICanvas )

	return SpawnedTab;

Everything works as expected, besides the 2 menu entries “MyPlugin”.

Hey elmotron-

Sorry for the delayed response. When creating a new plugin, are you using the Blank template, Content Only, Blueprint Library, etc? Which source file are you adding the above code to? What exactly is “SMyGUICanvas”?

I tried to create a Blank plugin and add the code provided, however I was unable to compile at the SNew(SMyGUICanvas) line. Please walk me through your setup to help me investigate the behavior you’re seeing.

Hi , yes I’ve used Blank Plugin as a starting point.
I’ve made a self-contained example that demonstrates the problem to make things easier. It’s an empty game project along with the plugin in question. Just generate the VS project and build. Here’s the GDrive link:

Thank you for the sample project. I have created a new report with the project to investigate the name appearing twice: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-52165)