T3d import is no longer available?

4.13 preview had t3d import but the actual release does not. I don’t see any references to it being deprecated so I assume it’s a bug.

File - Import Into Level… tip text = “Imports a scene from a FBX or T3D format into the current level”
Only options shown are FBX and OBJ

I just found a workaround. T3D can still be imported. The trick is to type *.* as the file name and press enter so the t3d files show in the file browser. So in the end it’s just a minor ui bug.

.t3d files are no longer supported as an import option through the file > import into level.

T3D files would often immediately cause the editor to crash.

I see, thanks for the info. I couldn’t find any reference to t3d import being removed. I always imported into blank maps and so never saw the crash:


  1. export default level to t3d
  2. import t3d into level => crash

no crash

  1. export default level to t3d
  2. open blank level
  3. import t3d into level => no crash

tip text still needs update from “FBX or T3D” to “FBX or OBJ” to reflect the change

Just one more thing. Another no-crash scenario:
select all items in the default level except the first one in the World Outliner,
export selected to t3d,
import t3d back into level => no crash

One more workaround for the default scene crash. Remove some lines at the end of the t3d file that refers to the level map, before:

      Begin Actor Class=Minimal_Default_C Name=Minimal_Default_C_2 Archetype=Minimal_Default_C'/Game/StarterContent/Maps/Minimal_Default.Default__Minimal_Default_C'
      End Actor
   End Level
Begin Surface
End Surface
End Map

and after:

   End Level
Begin Surface
End Surface
End Map

One last workaround for UE3 T3D files is to remove all lines that look like
xxxx=BrushComponent’yyyy’, I use a regular expression in Notepad++ to remove all the lines with find and replace ,"^\s*\w*(\w)=BrushComponent’.’.*\R"

Update für UE5: import not possible anymore. At least I can’t find away.