T_VolumeNoiseErosion32 not in engine content/Content Browser

I am following the Unreal Engine 5 Guided Tour tutorial. 13:21 into the video, the narrator puts T_VolumeNoiseErosion32 in the Texture Sample Node, however I don’t seem to have it in my Content Browser, and I’ve only managed to find a Material Node for it in the Repository, but not a texture.

I thought it would be installed with Twinmotion Materials for Unreal Engine from the marketplace, but no luck. Anyone know where I could find it?


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Turns out it does come with the Volumetric Fog snippet in the Unreal Engine 5 Guided Tour tutorial. In the 7th media box (Just below the Runtime Virtual Textures paragraph), you can simply copy and paste the snippet into your material blueprint, and the T_VolumeNoiseErosion32 (Volume Texture) asset will already be included in the Texture Sample.

Just leaving this out in case someone comes across this issue.