T-Shirts and Clothing

Like to know if Epic has an online store or something that I can find a shirt with the UE4 logo on it?

Think there is none, but I need new shirts.

We’re working on an Unreal Engine merch store! No ETA yet, but the work is in motion.


Sweet. Interested in this, as well.

i would definitely buy that

I wish I had one

thank you, I’ll be waiting, can’t wait for a T or a hoodie

Any update on this? My shirt from 5~ years ago is getting a little worn :slight_smile:

@Higuy8000 It has unfortunately been delayed, but we’re working with the vendor to try and find a solution. You can always print your own “fan-shirts”, as long as you follow our Fan Art Policy. I know that’s not the same, but it is an option until we get the official store back up.

Looking forward to it.:slight_smile:

Yeah im all about this!

Been waiting for this for a long time. I’m really looking forward to buying some official merch. Thanks for the post. Nice to see the idea is still kicking!

Any word here???

Buummmppp. Need my UE gear to rock at work, pretty sure I’d get an instant promotion just for the geek cred. Pays for itself

Yes please! I want my Epic T’s!

I’m sad to say that this initiative hasn’t been unaffected by Covid, like so many other things :confused:

I would like an official T-shirt. You guys should offer custom NFT T-shirts, @EpicGames .

I need it too

Bumping an old thread. Any idea if this is still in the works?