T-Shirts and Clothing

Like to know if Epic has an online store or something that I can find a shirt with the UE4 logo on it?


Think there is none, but I need new shirts.

We’re working on an Unreal Engine merch store! No ETA yet, but the work is in motion.


Sweet. Interested in this, as well.

i would definitely buy that

I wish I had one

thank you, I’ll be waiting, can’t wait for a T or a hoodie

Any update on this? My shirt from 5~ years ago is getting a little worn :slight_smile:

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@Higuy8000 It has unfortunately been delayed, but we’re working with the vendor to try and find a solution. You can always print your own “fan-shirts”, as long as you follow our Fan Art Policy. I know that’s not the same, but it is an option until we get the official store back up.

Looking forward to it.:slight_smile:

Yeah im all about this!

Been waiting for this for a long time. I’m really looking forward to buying some official merch. Thanks for the post. Nice to see the idea is still kicking!

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Any word here???

Buummmppp. Need my UE gear to rock at work, pretty sure I’d get an instant promotion just for the geek cred. Pays for itself

Yes please! I want my Epic T’s!

I’m sad to say that this initiative hasn’t been unaffected by Covid, like so many other things :confused:

I would like an official T-shirt. You guys should offer custom NFT T-shirts, @EpicGames .

I need it too

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Bumping an old thread. Any idea if this is still in the works?


I’m thrilled to finally have the chance to order a black T-shirt adorned with an Unreal Engine print. What adds an extra layer of excitement is the fact that I stumbled upon this gem on a local website right here in my home country.

Now, you might be wondering: “Why on earth would anyone strut around in a T-shirt proudly displaying the words ‘Unreal Engine’ along with its iconic logo?” Well, let me share my perspective. Unreal Engine transcends being just a game engine; it’s a dynamic tool that empowers us to communicate our ideas and showcase our creativity to the world. It’s become much more than a mere technological marvel—it’s an integral part of our lives and passions.

So, for the very first time, I’ll don this T-shirt with immense pride, almost like a vibrant, living banner, because it symbolizes something truly meaningful to me. And who knows, perhaps it’ll spark intriguing conversations and connections with fellow Unreal Engine enthusiasts along the way!