T pose in first frame of animation?

I’m currently trying to animate something in blender and export it to unreal. I’ve seen around that you should always put the first frame as the T pose and then do your animating on the next frame. Why exactly would you do this? I’m assuming this would also show up in any animations you export which doesn’t make sense to me.

Your animations shouldn’t have t-pose in frame zero, just your model export with no animations past frame zero should be in t-pose or a-pose. For animations you will want the animations to be from frame zero to your end frames of the animation and each should be exported as its own fbx file, UE4 expects animations as single files though if you do export them with the first frame in the t-pose you can remove the first key frame in the engine but that will have to be done on all of them. Which to me seems like self created workload and unless you are trying to maintain job security with lots of busy work, I’d say skip it.

So for the first export, I export the skeleton and select the T0 button for first frame pose and then every subsequent exported animation I do i uncheck that button and import only the animations tied to that skeleton?

Yeah pretty much, the first export will be just the character mesh and skeleton and the subsequents will be for the animations of the skeleton

Alright cool. Ill mark your answer. Last thing if you can help with it that would be great. I’m currently using blender to animate, and I was messing around with the action editor and ended up having 4 actions. Only one of them has an actual valid animation I want that I’ve fine tuned, so how would I necessarily only get the one of those actions that I want?

Edit: Nevermind I found an addon that works amazingly.

I would expect that T0 option during import will automatically skip this initial frame for all imported animations and use it just to setup skeleton. Why it cannot be a little bit more smart :frowning: