Sythen - Reactor Environment

So over the last three days I’ve spent my time working on a sci-fi environment inspired by Jeremy Love’s concept art. I started with the high poly, made my way onto the lowpoly and tileable textures. I’ve taken a bit of Artistic license over the original concept and adapted it slightly to my idea but I’m not going to talk much about it, and let the images speak for themselves, but if you’ve any questions be sure to ask.

Software Used: 3Ds Max 2013, nDo 2 & dDo 5, Unreal Engine 4.

Concept Art:

High Poly:


Textures for now are clean, once I’m happy with the rest of the scene I’m going to work on the environmental preset pass in dDo.
Let me know what you guys think,

Nice work, keep going! Looks very promising :slight_smile:

Looking sweet bro! Loving the vray render :smiley:

Loved seeing this come together :slight_smile:

looks really nice, cant wait to see updates :smiley:

Thanks guys, I’ve just finished a base blockout for the rest of the environment today, today’s development will be tilable textures and further dDo material work so that I can unwrap the other scenes objects based off a reusable tiling texture.