System Thread Exception Not Handled

Whenever I try to do anything in UE5.1 I will randomly get a BSOD error “system thread exception not handled”

It doesn’t do this on any other program or game, only in UE5.1, I formatted the computer and it still happens, I looked online and there is nothing for Unreal Engine, but says that Windows has this issue if a driver is bad, I formatted got new drivers, still does this.

I have a 3080 ti that is only a year old, this only just started happening, I didn’t change anything I do on this PC, makes it impossible to create my game, and I can’t afford another 3080 ti or greater card to replace this in and see if the card is shot.

Also the sys file is “dxgmms2.sys” if that helps, thanks in advanced for any help anyone could offer me. :smiley: