System Shock: Remastered Pre-Alpha Gameplay

What do you all think about this game as a whole?

Should it have been remastered?

Are you looking to get it?

~ Jason

It’s using Unity 5, hazarding a guess. It certainly looks up to the job, at least from the limited parts you see in the trailer. Whether or not the whole experience will be up to the original game’s standard, who can say. But it looks promising, if nothing else.

I think they need to do some work on the texturing, at the very least they could up the texture resolution. Look how pixelated the blood spatter decals are on the keypad…

I know it’s pre-alpha footage but I do hope they get it looking ‘next gen’ otherwise what is the point?

You just got me thinking about what System Shock 3 would use.

I wonder, assuming they are using it, Night Dive would go with Unity 5 or if they have their own in-house engine.

~ Jason

That and the mutant character models.

I’m curious whether stuff will be added into the game as well as if they’re planning to work on a System Shock 2 remake as well.

~ Jason

I want it.

I like it.