System Shock Remake Creator

Not sure where or how to post this. System Shock Remake was built on Unreal. Going broke with a highly loaded question: Does anyone know or can provide step by step instructions on how to “open” System Shock in Unreal Editor? For the purpose of using existing assets to create new levels for personal use only.

on the legal side: typically when you purchase a game License that license only includes the right to play the game, most of these licenses don’t actually include provisions for performances (even if the studio publicly states they allow it, if it isn’t in the License Agreement then those words are hollow at best, and Lies at worst), so giving direct steps on how to extract assets from a packaged Unreal Engine game even for personal use…

that being said there are legal precidence in place that protects reverse engineering, as long as it is not direct reuse, and I am sure there are tools to view models for Unreal Engine games
but any “packaged game” is just a set of binaries that can be de-compiled, but given how big the engine can be even when packaged/cooked this is not a quick process.

if you do go through with extracting the assets from any Intellectual property that you do not own the rights to, or have a license agreement to use you are responsible for the legal outcomes that should be indicated in the License agreement you were presented with either at point of purchase or first install.