System Requirements

Hi guys.
I’m looking forward to migrate from Unity to UE4 but I was a little surprised with engine requirements. I mean that I’m developing games for mobile platforms,so I don’t think that I need such a powerful computer.
So,my question is - is it possible to use UE4 for MOBILE development on this computer?
CPU : Inter Core 2 Duo 2.8 Ghz
Videocard : NVIDIA GeForce 210 [1024 MB GDDR3]
OS : Windows 7 64-bit.

You should at least get more ram. And propably a better graphics card. You know, ue4 is a next-gen engine, and it’s really like that. I was runinng it with a little bit better pc, without bigger problems, although my fps wasn’t astonishing.

I second the RAM and Video card upgrades, as 2GB doesnt get you much these days. Are you doing mostly 2D or 3D work?

I know the requirements are listed here on the site, but I would recommend at minimum:

  • 6-8+ GB Ram
  • (newish) quad core+ processor
  • (newish) video card with 2GB Ram

I think anything less, if it works at all, would yield a painfully slow development experience.

Good luck,

I tried running on a Core i5 dual-core with 4 GB or RAM and a similar graphics card, and the editor ran in seconds-per-frame mode. I would not recommend it.