System Requirements?

I’m making a game, and i want to view the system requirements for it. How do i do that?

It depends how heavy you make the game.

If it’s really easy on the processor and graphics it can run on almost anything.

If it really pushes a top machine, it can only run on top machines.

It’s really up to you to pitch the game at the right point for your audience.

I would also say that you will want to take a step back and think strategically about your game. There is a lot that goes into the process from story to design to deploying and marketing.

With respects to the system requirements, you may want to understand also how UE4 processes information. There is a great learning path called ‘Introducing the Principles of Real-time’. It’s free as part of the Online Learning Courses.

This opened my eyes to the bigger picture we have to think about.

For me, I just started learning UE4 and I put a video into a level and was trying to basically break things, and my system overheated and turned off. Now the video is approaching .5 gb so I get it plus I’m running out of HD space.

This caused me to take a moment of pause and start to think of my project as if I was building a house or tall building. I wouldn’t immediately start pounding nails and putting stell in place. I realized I needed to put some thought into my project as if I was an architect…which is what you really are.

Hope this helps.

For me, I have a Dell Precision 5510 laptop with 16 GB of RAM and 512GB SSD and an i7 processor.

Works great, but this process made me realize before I go off and purchase another computer, I should spend more time planning. This would in addition tell me how serious I am about my project, before I go out and buy something that later is not fully used because I wasn’t 100% serious about my project.

Educated guesswork i think:

Evaluate the amount of V-RAM you need on minimal settings, don’t recommend a GPU with lower capacity.

Benchmark your game with precise render and update timings. Guess what kind of CPU and GPU might still be able to run your game.

Idealy find a PC/Laptop with similar or worse specs than your recommendation. See if your game runs and how well. Adjust your recommendation accordingly.

Your Players might try to play your game regardless of if they meet the min specs. At least I did, when i just had low powered laptop.