System requirements osX

I’m using a Mac with OSX 10.12. Unreal Engine 4.26 wouldn’t launch on that. Tried to install a few previous versions at random and 4.11 launched. 4.26 wouldn’t launch because I think the minimum requirements was OSX 10.14?

Anyway: is there any place where I can see the minimum operating system requirements per Unreal Engine version? Instead of installing and removing previous versions until I found one that does launch?

Mac seems to be basically ignored by Epic. There’s no mention of it in the System requirements.

What are your Mac hardware specs? If your Mac isn’t supported on the latest version of OSX it likely isn’t capable of running UE4 well. Another thing is that the vast majority of Macs use an integrated GPU which is designed for the average user and not for game development so unless you chose the specific model knowing you wanted to do game development it likely doesn’t have a GPU for that.

well what ARE the Mac requirements? Documentation only has Windows reqs. Also, only lower-end Macbooks and Mac Minis have iGPUs. iMacs and Mac
Pro have dGPUs.

Like I said, the vast majority of Macs don’t have a discreet GPU, so unless you bought one knowing what you need then you probably didn’t get one that does. If you’ve got one that does have a discreet GPU it will likely run UE4 unless it’s very old

I’m also on an older mac. Everytime I click on “Launch Unreal Engine”, it takes me to unreal in my browser. Is that indicative of the same issue (meaning it won’t run on my Mac)?