System Requirements for UE4

Hi Guys!

I need help for the system requirements of the UE4

Currently I have a system with specification:

Processor: Core i5-3570K
Memory: Kingston Fury X 4GB
Motherboard: ECS-H77
Power Supply: Seasonic SII 520W

I haven’t decided what video card i’ll use.

Is this system is enough for the UE4? If i need to upgrade, what are your suggested hardware?

Thank You!

System requirements

Rams!! add more rams (from 8gb to 32gb) depend on your money, and if you ask me at least 16gb of rams for serious development .
for the graphic card a gtx 960/760 or similar performing cards from ATI will run decently , a grx 970 is even better and the best choice if you you have the money , and if you want to spend more of course a 980ti or Titan x are even better. .

I think it totally depends on what your are going to do. If you want to create a minimalistic game you can work on a Laptop (I used my Surface Pro [3rd Gen i5, 4GB RAM] for presentations and it works fine). But if you want to build some next gen AAA stuff you need to have a system which can handle a lot more.

As fennec_sky already said, you need RAM. 8gb is enough to run most of the stuff but I would recommend to have at least 16gb.


I See, Well i would like to try every possible platform before deciding what kind of games i would like to do.

Definitely more than 4GB, I don’t know how people can deal with less than 16 (I am using 8GB right now, all I have open is UE4, and Google Chrome) As for the video card, GTX 960 2GB will work fine unless you are making a large game (I have the GTX 960), but a GTX 970 would be even better.

I see, then I really need to upgrade my RAM. I actually planning to buy GTX 950 or GTX 960. If my budget increase then I’ll go for GTX 970.

Until last month I had 8gb RAM, an AMD Phenom II x6 1100t processor and a GTX 670. It was totally fine and worked out for most of the stuff I did.

Now I upgraded to 32gb RAM, Core i7-5820K and GTX 980 Ti, which is only necessery if you want to go wild graphic-wise.