System performance during del of pick up assets

Why when I load assets from different marketplace UE or trying to delete them all my system filling fully during 5-10 minutes? How I can optimization work with assets?

For now, work with some assets from the market such as “Paragon: Agora and Monolith” or “Open World Demo Collection” are impossible because of that very slow and long time.

Во время загрузки какой либо сцены из ассетов, скачанных из магазина Unreal или при попытки удалить какую либо папку, ресурсы системы загружены на 95% и процесс удаления длиться не менее 5, а иногда и 10 минут.

Работать с ассетами невозможно.

Как можно ускорить работу с ассетами их удаление и подгрузку в сцену?

can your pc hardware handle the task? personally ive noticed that the paragon assets can take forever to build on my system since they are complex, but thats usually just the first time they are loaded.

if it is indeed just building / compiling shaders then it should use all your hardware resources to get the job done quicker.