System Mic Control

Control microphone device in the system.
Set volume, mute, boost for microphone and change default microphone device in runtime from UE4 project.

Supported platforms:

System Mic Control


Example Project:


Will this plugin work with VoIP chat as well? I’ve been trying to get my mic to “loud up” using the mic threshold node, but with only limited success – even if the mic input volume is maxed out in both the system and in my Oculus software. Especially if there’s spatialization. I’m using a Quest with Oculink and UE 4.25.4. This plugin could be the answer and I’d buy it in a heartbeat if you can tell me what I want to hear. :smiley:

Hi. I am not sure 100% about VoIP with mic threshold.

But my plugin can control system(Windows) settings for microphone in mmsys.cpl (press Win+R)

**You can make test. **
Change Microphone Boost in mmsys.cpl, if this resolve your issue that mean answer YES.

Please, check screenshot:

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I kinda figured that out after looking through your documentation and playing with the example project. Unfortunately, I don’t have the Microphone Boost option in my sound control panel. From searching around the internet, it seems not everyone has it. Depends on the mic and maybe the version of Windows. My company keeps ours at the 1803 build right now. But MS is discontinuing enterprise support for that build in November so I’m hoping my next update will give it back. Fingers crossed. :confused:

In the description of plugin in Marketplace I wrote not all microphone devices support boost.

  • Set Increase/Decrease of level for microphone boost (if supported by device)

For this reason I was create node IsSystemMicBoostSupported

Hope after update MS helps you.
Note: Today Windows Version: 2004

Have a nice day!:)​​​​​​​