[SYSTEM] Combat system with hands

Hello everyone, i’m trying to make a combat systeme with hand :

i use something like that but don’t know how to figure :

The resultat is just ugly and don’t work correctly :confused:

If some of you already have set up a hand combat system or something like that let me know how you proceed.

ty :slight_smile:

I’d suggest adding a Sphere to your Character rather than spawning it each swing…although the above is not doing anything as there is no execution line plugged into the SphereOverlapActors Node…but you likely know that already…
anyways a bunch of tuts on how to make melee hits count and react for enemies can be found in my signature although the one related to Overlaps and dealing damage is here - Alice in Tokyo Wonderland - Blueprint Only Action Hack n' Slash - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums

go back a video or two if you’re new to the engine it’ll show how to set up your player and enemies…some AI stuff, spawning, really just lots of fighting Blueprint stuff check out the videos learn what you can apply to your own game…have fun…

Still working on it, and actually found some little hack : (it’s not 100% debug but work, still need some improvement)

Here when i press the button of my mouse, it will play a montage, OK, the interesting part is that i got my socket location used correctly :slight_smile:

I will not use a event tick (that depend on framerate) and instead set a while using delay, but using a boolean to check only 1 string (and not ex:12).

Still buggy but in good way :slight_smile: