system backup / load

Hello !

I’m looking to make a simple loading and backup system when have leaves play, can resume our part …

by key f9 f5 or menu, and or checkpoint.

I looked around, I found the tutorial is:
I did all that, but in the end, as I understand not too English, I find myself with a left and right click sav and system? that makes me a file, but in no case load my old position etc …

if someone could help me …

I just realized that when I turn the camera horizontally in my game that make shift on the image.

vsync? how to do ?

thank you for your replies

anyone can help me?

Try asking the question in your native language maybe. Your translation isn’t the best. Maybe someone who knows both languages can look at the video and go over it point-by-point in a way you can understand better, but we need to know what that language is first.

I’ve built an auto-save/load plugin (look at signature), maybe that is what you’re looking for, I dunno.

It looks like what he needs other than he is using a manual save rather than an auto-save. I’ll keep this in mind for my own team as well if we don’t already have it or something like it (I’m being to lazy to check at the moment).