System Architecture for Broadcast Product

Hello, We are contemplating using Unreal Engine for a broadcast based product. From a systems architecture perspective, how would Unreal Engine be leveraged for a live broadcast? For example, if we created an Unreal Engine app to pull in a live video stream and the augment it with some overlay type graphics, would it output a “new” video stream that could be piped to our delivery network?

I guess what I am asking is if Unreal Engine can operate in a server based/headless way to publish near real-time video that has been augmented using a Unreal Engine app. Sorry, if my terminology is off here, this is new territory for me, just trying to understand the technical architecture for this use case. Thank you in advance for any light anyone can shine on this question.

There’s a few different Youtube video channels covering this.…ZZaPCqdn3tM3_g…lUTzAF-gDeBaaA

Great, thank you. I’ll check them out.