System\ADO\msado15.dll missing on Build

Hi, building the UE4 project for the first time in VS Community 2013(fresh install) and running into the following errors:

Any hints? Not had much time to look into this between work and sleep :frowning: I guess I need to get msado15.dll from somewhere?

Hey obii91-

Can you check in the following file path for a file call ‘ado’?

C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\

Hi, the ado directory exists - and contains msado15.dll. Is there a reason it might not be finding it?

Edit: So I un-commented this line instead:
#import “C:\Program files\Common Files\System\Ado\msado15.dll” rename(“EOF”, “ADOEOF”)”

It seems to have gotten rid of the errors, but still seeing a bunch of IntelliSense errors

Hey obii91-

IntelliSense errors are mainly due to the fact that IntelliSense doesn’t understand a lot of the Unreal specific code. Things like the Unreal Header Tool and Unreal Build Tool contain code that is required for unreal but IntelliSense can’t interpret. In most cases IntelliSense errors can be safely ignored but it is good to skim through them from time to time to double check.


Ah ok, that makes sense. I was able to open the editor when debugging it before I left for work, so I assume it’s solved. Thanks alot for the help!