Synth Sample Editor

I am missing some features for the Synth Sample Player Component.

Both Modular Synth and Granular Synth both have the Note On/ Note Off Events, but the Component’s cannot be plugged into each other.
An Abstraction “Synth Component” would be nice here. Simply because you need to exchange the Note On/ Note Off events, too, if you want to change the Component.

Now to the Synth Sample Player.
It lacks the Note On / Note Off Events completely, but instead, you use the Start/Stop Events. However I guess the main purpose of the Synth Components will be to play MIDI / receive Events from MIDI Devices.
(I for myself play MIDIs with the Procedural Midi Plugin from the Marketplace).

A Sample Editor would be nice. Which edits the Loop Behaviour:
Start Loop Time
End Loop Time
Loop Behaviour : Ping-Pong, Forward, Backward


A Volume / Pitch Envelope Curve Editor would be nice aswell.
It would be nice to have a “Release Point” for the Envelopes, which holds the Envelope at a certain time in the curve, until Note Off is triggered.

The organge Vertical Line is the “Release Point”. The Envelope progresses towards this point.
If the Note is still On, it remains at this point but as soon as the Note is Released, it will progress further.
(Both for Pitch and Volume would be nice).

Think about the possibilities!

It does not have to be an Editor at all.
A struct which holds the Sample and the information about Loop/Envelope Curve would be enough already.

Good suggestions :). I don’t know how soon we’ll have sample editor support in the editor, but sample loop points with release is something we’re very interested in as well.

That sounds neat. Please update me if there are some news <3

You should check out the audio subforum. We have a budding community over there to share ideas and projects specific for audio.

Yeah, but this forum is specifically for feature requests.
I am open for help with MIDI Playback with Samples though.

Controlling Playback in Event Tick is a bad idea tho. Music and Samples won’t play properly if you get lags etc.

Any news regarding that topic?