Syntaxhighlighting in Wiki broken!

Hey guys,
can anyone fix the syntax highlighting in the Wiki ? This is very annoying to read this way. Thank you.

It is really annoying to read Wiki like the following.

The embedded code is impossible to read because the layout has been severely broken…

Please, please fix this.

Any updates on this?


Just logged in to suggest you the method I use to correctly view the wiki docs with broken syntax highlighting.

Take this one for example:

Then we go to “A Wayback Machine” which is a website that stores snapshots of webs over the years. We put that URL and we end up with this one:

Wayback machine URL: Internet Archive: Wayback Machine

Fully working with syntax highlighting! Hope it helps you :wink:

+1 Fix please!! works , hope fix it ASAP

Still broken guys.

It says they are working on it at the top. Hope it is done soon, because reading any guide like this is a pain and not every sub page is covered by

Any news on this? To work with the current state of the wiki, is a pain…

Bump, still unfixed :frowning:

Has Unreal addressed this at all recently? It’s been nearly two months and the wiki is still a bit hard to decipher at times.

Bump. Please Fix it :(.
It’s hard to read

Still broken. This isn’t helping productivity.

Still broken! It’s unreadable!

And it has been a few months now!

Hey all,

We are aware of the issues with Wiki. Right now we are determining the future of the wiki. I know it has been a while and for that, I am sorry. I understand your frustration. I will see what I can find out about how big of a workload goes into fixing syntax highlighting, but I cannot make any promises.

Any Updates?

How is this even acceptable… Reasoning that the future for the wiki is unclear and that that makes the issue not worth fixing is ridiculous. Why did it even break from the start? And when it did, why did Epic not revert it?

This is far from acceptable and it renders most of the documentation useless alt. everything takes way longer than it should. If you care about making your developers stick to UE4 these are the sort of things that should be prioritized up to the top of your backlog Epic!

Fixing such issue cant take more than a week for experienced developers, a week worth of work for one person/team is far less than the amount of time that is wasted shared across all developers using your product, which in the end results in revenue for you guys…

Regards, a slightly annoyed developer who’s had to deal with this for way too long now.

Any updates on this? What did you find out?

Hey all,

We have pushed a fix to the page which should include syntax highlighting. Please take a look at it and let us know if you see any issues!