Synethesia question or Mute audio?

I’m playing some music and using different frequencies to make different parameters of other blueprints pulse with the beat. This all works fine. However each time I add this to another blueprint it is playing the song again. So currently the song is playing 4 times at the same time. Is there a way for the music analysis to still happen but no sound is sent to out for all but one of these nodes?

Thanks for any advice.

Or is there a way for me to put all this in a core “manager” that sends the values out to each blueprint. I was trying to add this but I’m having issues casting to the paper sprite of my blueprint for some reason.

I don’t know if this is gonna work for you or not. There is an option to make the sound not overlapping each time it is played in the SoundCue detail.

Check the override concurrency, and set the Max Count to 1 maybe if you only want to make sure they don’t play 4 time at the same time.

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@ImAGoodSpoon1 Thanks for your response. That did have an effect. If I drop it to 1, only one instance of the music was playing but a side effect was that only one blueprint was actively reacting to the music.

I see, if thats the case, is it possible to give it a check with a boolean if this music is already played before or not?

Maybe put a boolean in GameMode / Char to check if the music has been played before or not yet.

Then when you want to play the music, if that boolean is false, then just play the music and set it to true. Else, if the boolean is true (the music has been played), just skip playing the music and do another thing. Is it possible to make it like that?

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@ImAGoodSpoon1 Thanks for your response. This seems very helpful and informative but I started to nudge in another direction as its technically needed that each blueprint receive the values from the music in the background I decided to try to make a central Manager of the music and cast that out to the other blue prints.

Heres what I have so far.

Currently it casts the values from the music to BP_Block_Enemy.

And the values scale the paper sprite on the blueprint.

My issue is that it isnt working. If I Put a Print String after “Set Relative Scale 3d” and connect it to the Scale Float, I can see that values are indeed being casted from the Manager. But for some reason the Sprite isnt scaling.

Hi @Daisyahoy ,

I don’t see any wrong or weird implementation on your BP. If your SCALE FLOAT variable already true, is it remain true after converted to Vector? since here it is converted to vector.

maybe you should check that vector value first.

If the vector value also correct, consider try to scale your “Paper Sprite” in the begin play first to make sure if that node is working for your object (and scale it to what you want).

@ImAGoodSpoon1 I have success. The good news is I’m an idiot and the blueprint has been working the entire time.

So I had originally drug “BP_Block_Enemy” into the game, positioned it, then copied it a few times to move it elsewhere. The one I have been looking at this entire time was technically “BP_Block_Enemy2” and wasn’t receiving the cast somehow. But when I backed up and watched the entire map, I saw the original “BP_Block_Enemy” working just fine.

So I’m guessing at this point instead of sending the values to the blueprints, I should store the values in the manager and have the blueprints read from the manager?

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Ok @ImAGoodSpoon1, I have my resolution.

My manager plays the sound and has Synethesia Loudness NRT for high and low frequencies.

Then the manager stores the values of the high and low into floats.

Then all I add the the blueprints is this code here:

Now my enemies can pulse to the music in the background and I can add multiple enemies without playing multiple instances of the music.

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