Syncing your account

Hello first of all sorry about my english .
I just Bought Unreal engine and at first time everything was ok but i need to change the Disk where it was Installed .
So I try just copy and paste in another disk and the launcher stays always “Syncing your account”
I deleted every file and try redownload but whem I use the launcher again I cant donwload…I see “Syncing your account” for a long time and after that the Laucher shows " Subscribe" to buy again…I can?t open the engine


Thank you for your report. Could you please try uninstalling and getting a fresh launcher to download again? If that does not help the issue, please post what you have experienced to the AnswerHub so that we can further investigate.

Thank you,


SOLVED ! thanks for attention. I use regedit in windows and deleted every entry about the engine.( after deleted avery file too) . Redownloaded the Launcher and it´s Solved. I´m using right now!:rolleyes:

Awesome! Thank you for the update VELOZZZVZ! =)