Syncing Skeletal Mesh Physics Between Server and Client

Hey guys,

So I’m beginning to run out of ideas and at this point and I have absolutely no idea where to even start. I’ve searched through what seems like the final pages of Google to find an answer, but all I seem to learn from my efforts is that what I’m trying to accomplish isn’t going to be easy and that I’ll likely need to get my head wrapped around C++ in order to get it working.

For the project I’m working on physics is going to play an important role in moving around stuff, for example cubes and other static meshes. That on its own is pretty straightforward to get replicated, the problem occurs when I need to start simulating the physics of players; In this case, a ragdoll.

As an example, on the left is what the Server is seeing once they go into their ragdoll and on the right is what the Client is seeing.

It’s pretty easy to tell that what both players are seeing is not in sync, other times during my testing it can become so severe to the point that the players are nowhere near each other. For example, in severe cases one player could have fallen off the map on the other players screen, but to them they’re just walking around like normal.

And finally, here’s my stupidly basic Blueprint that’s replicating the characters physics:

I honestly have no clue where to go from here or how I would even begin to fix this so pretty much any
help or guidance in the right direction is appreciated. All I could maybe think of doing is doing some sort of client prediction
or handling physics on the server and sending it back and forth between clients but I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Thanks for any help.