Syncing multiple characters (Multi character animations)

I’m interested in syncing animations over different characters.
For obvious reasons, some characters whom have completely independent skeletons need to be separate, but on occasion, sync their animation exactly.

Such as 2 bipedal characters fighting each other.
Or a rider riding a horse.

What is the best process to do this? I noticed there are systems such as sync groups, Matinee and just recently, cinematics. Unfortunately, I can’t find any information on whether sync groups take multiple characters into consideration when performing sync operations, and I don’t necessarily want to create cut scenes with cinematics unless that’s the standard solution.


Just to add to this, I determined a hacky way to do this. I would add an anim notify event called sync reset to the start of the animation that drives the others. Then in the character blueprint, I would set a variable that would act as the sync timer. Everytime the notify fires, it would reset the sync timer, and on every tick, the sync timer would increment to represent the animation time. Then in the specific character, that time would be cast to a start time variable so when transitioning into the animation, the animation would correctly sync to the right time. (This is a very hacky approach to start to drive the same timing on both animations. Can anyone think of a better way?)