Syncing characters & Starting animations on key press.

I would like a menu to pop-up when i get near my actors. And i would like to start animation sequences to illustrate exercises. By pressing illustrated images inside HUD.
Made my two actors in blender, different skeleton sets (bit stupid) - But i am making the animations separately anyways. (Re-targeting did not work)

When i google this question. Every video or post that comes up offers a completely different method.

  • There’s individual blueprints
  • Blueprints withing trigger boxes.
  • The level blueprint.
  • And there is matinee.

It’s kinda driving me insane lol because i don’t know which is best for my situation.
Have 2 different skeleton meshes that i made animations for. I would like to trigger different animations on key-presses.
Making them sync up is also a pain in the **** because of blender exporter i assume? The animation segments are never correctly exported.

What is the best way to go?

On subject: - uses matinee to trigger a door to open with a trigger box. - keypress to start an event of chair falling (But he does not explain what he does while he makes this trigger box) - not sure where he is making this blueprint?