Syncing animation between multiple characters

Imagine a scene in Blender (or any other 3D authoring tool) where there are multiple characters animated in a scene. Let’s say there are 3 different animation states in this scene. Each one is looping.

It’s my understanding that skeletal animation in UE4 is per-character. So how would you translate this scene from Blender to UE4, making these animation states interactive (possible to transition from one state to another)? Since the animation and states are per-character in UE4, how could you guarantee that the animation is 100% synced between the characters, if each character is using its own AnimGraph?

For this particular instance, it would make sense to have an animation state machine that supports multiple characters, but afaik UE4 does not support that.

Use animation montages instead of state machines. Those start playing when you tell them to start playing.

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Thanks for the reply.

But can you make a matinee intractable, i.e. let it have looping “steps” that you transition in between? Or is it possible to blend two separate matinees? If not, then it’s not really a solution.

I have not worked in depth with matinee yet.

You can make individual animation blueprints for different character, and base them around use of montages instead of using state machines, then they’ll be perfectly syncable.

Game called “Remember Me” apparently used either matinee or tis equivalent in UE3 to make long cinematic sequences that could be changed by player’s decision and rewinded back and forth.

Here is tutorial I made: Unreal Engine Syncing animation between multiple characters [Tutorial] - YouTube